About Us

Shopbee.in offers a wide range of top quality and unique food products from around the world at affordable price. We also stock an extensive range of organic groceries, groceries, Dry Fruits, Home Care Products, Personal Care, Electronics, Beverages, Rice Varities, Pets Accessories, Plastic Bottle, Covid Needs, Garments, herbal extracts and dried herbs. Shopbee works in partnership with the best suppliers from around the world to offer our customers and friends a broad range of products to meet everyone's needs and always provides you with new and exciting product lines.

Because of our extensive network among food suppliers/producers across the world, we are able to source quality & fresh products, this also translates into lower costs for the customers, who can expect attractive bargains on fine food products. We have also partnered with courier companies who give us best shipping rates and ensure all products are delivered to you on time.

Besides offering a wide variety of premium food products, Shopbee also provides unique and rare finds for gourmet lovers, like the 10 varieties of Dates from Arab countries, Nuts from Brazil, Saffron from Kashmir and more. They keeps things interesting by consistently introducing fun products in the site. What are some of the unique products at Shopbee ? Let's check it out Our goal at Shopbee is to provide our valued customers with the widest possible range of the highest quality products coupled with our great service.